The seals of approval

Seven reasons for your success.

The PLUS X AWARD seals of quality

Your buying guide around the globe. The PLUS X AWARD seals of approval mean a meaningful purchase recommendation for the buyer. With today’s market structures, it is more necessary than ever to help consumers with their purchase decisions, to quickly and easily show them the products that are actually innovative and of high quality.

If a product does not have a high-quality finish and a state-of-the-art design, it definitely has no chance of being awarded the PLUS X AWARD seals of approval – and these are merely the basic requirements for a subsequent evaluation by the PLUS X AWARD jurors.

The seven PLUS X AWARD seals of approval in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology serve as a guide for customers and retailers when shopping. The award categories stand for the outstanding and purchase-decisive product features and help to quickly and clearly identify the added value of an award-winning product compared to the competition.


The word innovation comes from the Latin word “Innovatio”, which means renewal or change. In today’s society, people are very quick to talk about innovations when something new appears. However, products with the “Plus X Factor” are not “me-too” goods: they are innovative and embody the latest state of the art. Cutting-edge technology is a must, because only it offers future-proofing and is thus the basis for a long life and service life.

High Quality

One of the most important seals of quality for a product is the “High Quality” label, because on the one hand it embodies the manufacturer’s efforts to provide the customer with the best quality. On the other hand, the seal also stands for the durability of a product. In these respects, “High Quality” products differ from mass-produced goods that are only designed for “quick consumption” and with a view to prompt replacement. “High quality products are an investment in the future.


The reduction of technical complexity is visibly gaining in importance, both in terms of content and form, and is developing into a philosophy for many manufacturers. Whether TV sets, fully automatic coffee machines or portable devices – functional design is a recognisable trend. More and more companies are recognising this and are paying particular attention to the design of their products – and often successfully, as evidenced by the products awarded the PLUS X AWARD in the “Design” category.


If a product fulfils its function or even a group of functions in a particularly efficient and user-friendly manner, it is awarded the PLUS X AWARD seal of quality for functionality. In addition to the basic function, innovative products increasingly have additional functions. In order to meet the demands of users, these functions should work homogeneously with the basic function. The size of the range of functions and the resulting advantages of use are also assessed.

Easy of use

Wer Verbraucher für technische Neuerungen und die Leistungsfähigkeit seiner Produkte begeistern will, muss ihnen neben einer komfortablen Bedienung eine durchdachte Anleitung an die Hand geben. Die Entwicklungsabteilung, das Produktdesign und die technische Kommunikation müssen Hand in Hand arbeiten, um zum Start eines neuen Produktes eine umfassende Anwenderunterstützung zu garantieren. Nur die Produkte, die sich leicht und intuitiv bedienen lassen, „eröffnen“ Konsumenten die Innovationen wirklich.


Today, saving energy is no longer only done for ecological reasons to protect the environment, but also helps to save money. Less transparent for consumers, but just as important for people and the environment, is the minimisation of appliance emissions such as noise, dust or pollutants. It always takes courage to be innovative and set trends. Making products stand out from the crowd helps consumers, on the one hand, and acts as a catalyst for further, courageous steps towards greater environmental compatibility and technical innovation, on the other.


One aim of ergonomics is to produce products that are easy to handle and comfortable to use. The interface between man and product must be perfectly matched to its user so that no damage is caused and the product can be used optimally. The principle applies: the focus is on the human being.

The use of the quality labels

PR and public relations

Receiving a PLUS X AWARD seal of approval is a high-profile and powerful message that is linked to great media interest. Use a press release and other PR tools and spread the word about one of the world's most renowned innovation and design awards.

Internal communication

The Plus X Award is an award that every company can be proud of and that has a motivating effect on employees. Show your employees that they are doing something special and also highlight the award in your internal communication channels, such as the intranet and your employee magazine, or place the award certificate at your locations.

Classic communication

The Plus X Award seal of approval quickly and easily communicates the outstanding, purchase-relevant features of your product and also increases the attention of the viewer. Use this as a competitive advantage and use the seal of approval in classic advertisements, product catalogues or TV commercials, for example.

Online communication

Maximise the reach of your award message with the Plus X Award. In addition to classic online advertising, news on your website or integration in various social media channels, the inclusion of the Plus X Award seal of approval in your email signature, for example, is a simple and effective way of spreading the word.


The Plus X Award seal of approval is not only an effective instrument for selling to end customers, but also a strong argument for selling into the trade. Use this argument in sales talks and include the Plus X Award seal of approval in your sales folders to convince your retail partners of the quality of your products.


Use the sales-promoting effect of the Plus X Award quality seals where you can give your potential customers final incentives before they buy: at the point of sale. Integrate the quality seal with your award categories into your PoS material to quickly and clearly point out the outstanding features of your products.

Packaging design

Provide an additional sales argument and an effective differentiation criterion to your competitive products at the point of sale. For the most effective use of the quality seal on the packaging of your product, we provide you with different colour and language variants.


Present yourself as an innovative company and integrate the coveted Plus X Award into your stand concept. This way you show your visitors the success of your products and your brand. A special variant of the presentation is the display of the award certificate, which is awarded for each award-winning product.

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