Think green!

The seal, for a sustainable future

Think new, eco-friendly, cool, alternative, sustainable and green. The protection of our environment and our climate is one of the most important tasks of our time. The PLUS X AWARD for Sustainability goes to those who dedicate themselves to this task with commitment. Brands awarded the seal of approval for sustainability do not merely communicate their dedication to environmental and climate protection. Rather, they show that they act with courage, a sense of responsibility and foresight. Attributes that are only characteristic of truly sustainable brands.


Added value through sustainability

Which documents have to be submitted?

For the special prize “Sustainability” of the PLUS X AWARD, entrepreneurial contributions can be submitted that exemplify economic activity suitable for grandchildren in the sense of the German Sustainability Strategy and the Agenda 2030.

This can involve sustainable action through the reduction of production and consumption, through the more productive use of materials and energy in the sense of the circular economy, recycling and waste avoidance. In addition, social and ecological entrepreneurial initiatives that serve to strengthen sustainability will be assessed.

How is the evaluation carried out?

The evaluation is based on a list of criteria developed by our strategic sustainability partner, LUWE GmbH, which takes into account the current state of research and sustainability discussions.

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Strategic partnership with expertise: LUWE GmbH

“If we want to shape our future in a way that is fit for our grandchildren, we must work together to achieve ambitious goals, otherwise our plans will remain nothing more than wishes. We are therefore very much looking forward to working with the team and the participants of the PLUS X AWARD on concrete solutions that will take us all further along the path to a sustainable economy”.

Managing directors of LUWE GmbH Stephan Ley (left) and Sven Fischer (right)


With foresight and core competence: Our brand ambassador

“I am very much looking forward to the role as sustainability ambassador. As a manager, I see my special role in linking the topic of sustainability with profitability and real innovations. In this way, I want to show companies that efforts and investments in this area are always worthwhile – with a view to the future viability of the companies and our planet.”

Helmut Geltner, GELTNER Management Consulting

Awarded brands 2022


Added value through sustainability.

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