Participation in PLUS X AWARD

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Participation in the PLUS X AWARD

All manufacturers, designers, supporting agencies etc. are cordially invited to submit their products, product series and technologies to the Plus X Award. You can request the entry documents for submitting your products at any time using the form below. This request is, of course, absolutely non-binding and serves only to inform you about the application process and the conditions of participation. If you decide to submit one or more products, simply send us the completed participation documents. If you already have initial questions, please send them to us using the form field or contact us by telephone.

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The PLUS X AWARD focuses on the orientation of the end consumer and thus the support of the brand. The PLUS X AWARD always strives to keep the costs of participation as low as possible. Therefore, we point out here transparently, honestly and without hidden cost traps the upcoming fees of the entire participation phase.

At the beginning of participation you pay a one-time registration fee of 390.00 Euro net per product or service. In the event that your product or service receives an award, you agree to pay a one-time license fee of 3,920.00 Euro net per awarded product or service.

If you submit a product series (three products or more), the license fee is only 9,760.00 Euro, regardless of how many products this series contains.

Payment of the fees has no influence on the jury’s decision and thus on the awarding of the seal of approval.

Should the independent PLUS X AWARD jury decide not to award your product, no licence fee will be charged and no further costs will be incurred.

After payment of the license fee, you may advertise with the PLUS X AWARD seals of approval without restrictions in terms of time, geography and in all marketing activities and point out the added value of your product or service.