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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes the PLUS X AWARD from other awards?

Unlike many other awards, the PLUS X AWARD seal of approval signals the added value of the winning products in areas relevant to the end consumer. The nominated products are judged on their award-worthy added value - the "PLUS X factor" - in the award categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. The PLUS X AWARD jury consists exclusively of industry-neutral experts, trade journalists and market observers. The independent jury members make their decisions on the basis of their in-depth product and market understanding and exclusively in the interests of the consumer.

What are the PLUS X AWARD award categories?

Submitted products can be awarded in seven different categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology. In principle, the jury evaluates each of the submitted products in terms of award-worthiness for each of the seven categories. A product can therefore also be victorious in several award categories - the one-off license fee remains unaffected by this. In addition, the submitted products have the possibility to receive a further award besides the PLUS X AWARD quality seals. The product that receives the most seals of approval in its product category and thus wins the most award categories is named Best Product of the Year in its product category. If a brand collects the most awards with its products in its genre within a year, it can also be named Best Brand of the Year. A very special award goes to the manufacturer that has been honored with its award-winning products and within a product group in the most award categories. It receives the Most Innovative Brand Award. This is based on the number of awards given to the brand. This ensures that special achievements in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology are given equal consideration in the assessment for the Most Innovative Brand Award.

How can I participate in the PLUS X AWARD with my products?

Manufacturers are offered the opportunity to request the participation form for the PLUS X AWARD at any time at via the navigation point Participation.

Can I register several products or entire series?

The number of possible product registrations is not limited. In addition, it is possible to register a complete product series.

What does participation in the PLUS X AWARD cost?

For the registration of a single product and for the participation with a complete product series a registration fee of net 390,- EUR will be charged. Should the registered product or product series be awarded, a license fee will be charged for the unlimited use of the PLUS X AWARD seals of approval.

- For a single product, the net license fee is EUR 3,510.
- For a complete product series, the license fee is EUR 8,720.

What to do for products with oversize?

In case of oversized products, we ask you to make an appointment in advance with our logistics team ( regarding the delivery, the assembly as well as the later collection of the products.

Is self-assembly and presentation of products for judging possible?

Yes - please also contact our logistics team ( in good time for this.

What happens to the submitted product sample after the judging?

You can, of course, have your submitted products picked up again at PLUS X AWARD or at the judging location by a forwarding agent/transport service. Please inform us in good time of the date of collection so that the products are ready for transport at that time.

To what extent am I allowed to use the PLUS X AWARD quality seals as a winning manufacturer?

The PLUS X AWARD seals of approval as well as the Best Product of the Year Seal and the Best Brand of the Year Seal may be used internationally and without time limit for all marketing and communication measures. The Most Innovative Brand Award seal honors the innovative ability of an entire brand and may also be used internationally and for an unlimited period for all marketing and communication measures - however, it may also be used across products and does not necessarily have to be communicated in connection with the award-winning products.

Is relicensing for successor models possible?

In principle, yes. The prerequisite for subsequent licensing is that the successor model also has the features that led to the award of the predecessor. The license fee for relicensing is 970,- EUR per product. Please direct your inquiry regarding re-licensing directly to the PLUS X AWARD organizers.

Are the winning products visibly displayed for the end consumer?

The award-winning products will be added to and presented in the Hall of Fame - a touch-optimized website around the winning products - promptly after the jury results are announced.

How do I get access to the PLUS X AWARD seal as a winning manufacturer?

As the winning manufacturer, you will receive a seal download via e-mail immediately after the jury results are announced, with access to the corresponding seals in German and English, in two different color variants (for optimum adaptation to your PoS and advertising activities), and in two different file formats: As vector graphic (EPS) and as JPG image file.

Am I obliged to pay the license fee?

The license fee and the thereby acquired right of use for unrestricted temporal use of the PLUS X AWARD seals of approval accrue exclusively to manufacturers whose products were victorious in the competition after independent registration. In this case, payment of the license fee is mandatory.